Carbon literacy training for the insight sector

We believe it is crucial that the insight sector is fully carbon literate. Our role as insight professionals in advising organisations gives us the potential for huge impact – on top of what we can do as individuals and organisations to reduce our own carbon emissions.

Our assumptions about where emissions come from can be incorrect, so it’s vital we educate ourselves if we’re to play our part in getting to net zero. For that reason, Shift Insight has harnessed its sustainability research expertise and consulted with the Insight Climate Collective to develop the first accredited carbon literacy training course for the insight sector.

Who is the carbon literacy training for?
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Our sector-specific carbon literacy training is for any insight professional or organisation looking to play a role in getting to net zero. It is aimed at anyone working in an insight role or within an insight organisation – at any level. All they need is the willingness to build a clear understanding of how we can fight the Climate Emergency as individuals and as a sector.

What will participants learn?
  • The science of climate change and why we know that human activity is responsible.
  • What a carbon footprint really means, and how to reduce it.
  • The impact of global heating – why it’s vital to reduce our emissions, and by when.
  • What outcomes we can expect if we don’t reduce our emissions.
  • How to take relevant action as an individual, an organisation and a sector to reduce carbon emissions.
  • How to communicate to a range of audiences about climate change to bring about further action.
  • How insight professionals in particular can have an impact on carbon emissions in their own operations and via their influence as researchers and consultants.
What will participants get from doing the course?
  • Increased confidence in their understanding of what is happening to our climate and why.
  • Clarity around the most effective actions to take.
  • The opportunity to achieve certification as a ‘Carbon Literate individual’, or to join with colleagues and take additional action to later certify as a ‘Carbon Literate organisation’.
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How is the course accredited?

The course has been developed according to strict standards set by the Carbon Literacy Trust, a renowned initiative recognised by the United Nations at COP21 as TAP100, one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programmes.

How is the course structured?

Learning: The science of climate change:

  • The meaning of our carbon footprint.
  • The historical greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions timeline.
  • The science around climate change and greenhouse gases – the Greenhouse Effect.

Our impact: The consumption of ‘stuff’:

  • Understanding how our own actions contribute to GHG emissions.
  • Understanding the highest GHG-emitting activities in our own sector activities.
  • Understanding the impact of our client sectors – fast fashion, packaging, wider FMCG sectors.
  • What we can do to reduce our impact as individuals and in the sector.
  • What is already happening to reduce emissions from consumption – including individual actions and those within the insight sector and client sectors

Learning: Imagining the future:

  • The impact of climate change now, and if it goes unchecked.
  • Acknowledging and overcoming eco-anxiety.

Our impact: Travel:

  • The carbon footprint of travel.
  • Travel in the insight sector.
  • What we can do to reduce our travel impact as individuals and in the sector.
  • What is already happening to reduce travel emissions including individual actions and those within the insight sector and client sectors.

Our impact: Food:

  • The carbon footprint of food
  • Food and hospitality in the insight sector.
  • What we can do to reduce the impact of the food we eat.
  • What is already happening to reduce food and agriculture emissions – including individual actions and those within the insight sector and client sectors.

Our impact: Buildings and working from home:

  • The carbon footprint of office operations.
  • The carbon footprint of home buildings.
  • What we can do to reduce the impact of using our buildings.

Climate justice and communication:

  • Global, community and inter-generational climate justice.
  • Campaigning and spheres of influence.
  • Communicating climate change.

Looking forward:

  • Hope for the future.
  • Taking action – including the process for accreditation of carbon literacy.
  • Reading and further support.

What is the course like?

The course is led by a carbon-literate trainer and is usually run over two half-days, with interactive content, discussions, quizzes, case studies and lots of breakout sessions. Participants reflect on their own actions throughout, using a shared board to collect ideas for change at an individual or organisational level.

We offer the course in two ways:

  • As an in-house course for agencies, either face-to-face, hybrid or online (depending on location). In order to create the best possible experience, we would collaborate with a key contact at the agency.
  • Through online delivery to individuals via the Market Research Society.

How can participants sign up?

Individual online training dates are available from March 2024.

Alternatively, contact for more details of in-house courses. Costs will vary depending on the delivery method and customisation required.

To find out more about our sustainability research and consultancy work: