Research reports and blogs

We know that evidence and insight are the bedrock of positive decision-making. We also know that sharing knowledge is the only way for communities to survive, let alone thrive.

Therefore, we are passionate about using our expertise to produce research reports and blogs that inform the sectors we serve, as well as our own market research community.

Free and independent research reports

Alongside bespoke research designs that address client needs, we produce our own publicly available research to inform and inspire organisations within our three core specialisms.


Learning research reports

Explore free reports from Shift Learning around UK alumni engagement and teacher perspectives on the impact of COVID-19.


Sustainability research reports

What do consumers really think about sustainability? Dive into our Shift Sustainability research reports to find out.


Membership research reports

The first of our open-access Shift Membership reports covers virtual conferences in a post-COVID world, but there are more to come!

Market research method blogs

We also believe in sharing knowledge with our own community to help us move forward together. The first of our method blogs is linked below and there will be more to follow.

Mobile ethnography: tapping into market research success

We have a huge opportunity to combine increasing smartphone proficiency with traditional ethnography to explore respondents’ behaviours, attitudes and perspectives in real-time, at their own pace. We regularly use the Indeemo platform to conduct mobile ethnography and have partnered with them to blog about our approach, including case studies showing the benefits of this method.

Public-facing research reports

Some of our work is confidential, as clients develop new products and services, while most is only used by their internal teams to inform strategy. However, we are proud that some of our research reports for clients have been made public, including those below.

We supported the Reimagine Research campaign for Wellcome by conducting 90 cognitive interviews and a global survey of over 4,000 research professionals. The final report is available on the Wellcome site and you can read more about our research in this Shift Learning case study.

Wellcome logo

The CACTUS Foundation made us their analytics and reporting partner on the Joy and Stress Triggers global survey into researcher mental health, which involved analysing over 13,000 responses from 160+ countries then compiling a comprehensive public research report.

CACTUS Foundation Mental Healthy Survey logo

We also help organisations understand the impact of COVID-19 on their communities. This includes Nature’s 2020 postdoctoral researcher survey, which captured over 7,000 perspectives on how the pandemic has affected their research, mental health and career prospects.

Nature logo

You can find out about other research we have conducted for clients across our three specialisms by visiting:

You can also visit our About area to explore who we are and our quality and values.