Lottie Gimlette

Research Manager

Lottie joined Shift as a Research Manager and is an experienced qualitative and mixed-method researcher. She is skilled in various research methods, including depth interviewing, online and face-to-face focus groups and peer-to-peer research. She has worked on a wide range of projects and her clients have included The LEGO Group, Springer Nature and Northumbria University.

Prior to joining Shift, Lottie specialised in media literacy, education and youth engagement and is experienced in working with children and young people, as well as teachers and professionals working with both primary and secondary school students. She has worked for both a parenting organisation and an international youth consultation organisation, where she managed an ambassador network that included over 50 youth ambassadors based in 13 different countries. Having studied History at Edinburgh University, Lottie moved to Australia for a few years to experience life in a new country before returning to the UK.