Tilly Barkway

Research Executive

Tilly has a keen interest in both qualitative and quantitative research. She facilitates projects at every stage from interviewing and data anysis to reporting and recommendations. Tilly uses a range of research methods including telephone interviews (UK and international), usability tests, and assistant moderating focus groups. On the quantitative side she uses software such as Snap Surveys and Q reader to analyse and interoperate data.

Tilly often works on sustainability projects because she likes the challenges they bring, and she believes producing research on sustainability is essential for a successful future. She has worked with a range of clients from the education, sustainability and medical sectors such as: London Recycles, LEGO Education, Oxford University Press, the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive health, and City & Guilds. Her interests and expertise are diverse and she is always looking to immerse herself in new projects.

Before starting at Shift Insight, Tilly worked for an online retailer and led an internal project to investigate and advance customer stratification. She received a first class honours in History from the University of Leeds.