Our white papers: sharing knowledge, sharing power

We know that evidence and insight are the bedrock of positive decision-making. We know that listening to stakeholders is the only way to survive, let alone thrive.

We also know that, in uncertain times like these, it is our responsibility to shed light where we can and help the sectors we serve to navigate uncharted waters.

Therefore, our passionate team of researchers has begun conducting independent research into areas we hope will inform and perhaps inspire organisations within the fields of learning, membership and sustainability. We have started reporting on these findings in the free white papers linked below and will be adding more shortly, so watch this space.

Lessons lost and lessons learned: Teacher perspectives on bridging COVID-19 learning gaps
On the day that the UK government announced a £1bn funding package for schools to catch up on lessons missed during the COVID-19 lockdown, Shift Learning surveyed over 500 UK educators in primary and secondary schools to better understand their concerns around learning gaps, and their likely plans for bridging them.

Green Lies: Exploring Consumer Perceptions of Greenwashing
As experts discussed the impact of COVID-19 on environmental attitudes and behaviours, Shift Sustainability surveyed over 1000 UK consumers to better understand perceptions and attitudes around sustainability initiatives – what they consider impactful and what might be seen as greenwashing (giving a false impression of sustainability).

Exploring UK Alumni Engagement
At this time of uncertainty for higher education, Shift Learning understands that engaged alumni with high regard for their university can present both economic and reputational benefits. We conducted a survey with over 900 graduates from a range of UK universities to provide some benchmarks for alumni engagement, including Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for groups of universities.

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Talking the talk: Exploring the gap between consumers’ sustainability perceptions and behaviour
Consumer behaviour in relation to sustainability issues is often contradictory, which presents a challenge for product and marketing strategies. To explore these inconsistencies in more detail and provide recommendations for organisations in this area, we have analysed and reported on survey responses from over 1,000 UK consumers.

The X, Y and Z of Sustainability: Exploring Generational Differences in Sustainability
Before making organisational decisions around sustainability, it’s important to understand consumer attitudes and behaviours, and whether cross-generational differences could impact perceptions. To aid this understanding, we analysed responses from over 1,000 UK consumers in Generations X, Y and Z to explore differences in relation to sustainability.

If you would like to discuss these white papers, or chat about any other research you have in mind, please contact our Managing Director, Jane Powell, by emailing Jane.Powell@shift-insight.co.uk or calling 0207 253 8959.